I wish Lists...

Posted by Community Admin on 05-Aug-2018 18:33

I wish Lists...

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Posted by Community Admin on 18-May-2011 00:00

I wish lists let me define custom fields in the context of a ListItem Group.

Doing that, one could extend lists to cover a ton of different scenarios.

Lets say I have a list called Cars
So in that list each item would have a custom field defined for each thing that describes a car

Then you create a new list called Planes, and like above, that Planes List contains a bunch of properties which apply only to that particular list.

I was a bit disappointed to see that when I created a list item in Cars, it shows up in Planes as well (as it didn't apply)

Kind of makes the custom list fields super useless to me as I can't think of very much overlap between what I'd want to be in a list.

Posted by Community Admin on 24-May-2011 00:00

Hello Steve,

Thank you for contacting us.
Your request is very important. Adding custom fields to a list level is in our plans but it is not scheduled for implementation yet.

I have logged a PITS item for this feature so you and other clients can vote and raise its priority. The item ID is 6168.

Your Telerik points are updated.

the Telerik team

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