Multi language templates

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Multi language templates

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We have a customer, who has a (obviously Sitefinity) website with 5 different languages. There is an 'inner' template, used on 60 pages. Our client wants to put a banner on these templates, which is possible, but the banner itself has some text on it, which needs to be shown in each language differently; a different banner for each different language.
For this to happen, the client needs to add these banners on every page and change them for every language!

Let's break this down to numbers: 5 (languages) x 60+ (pages) = (at least) 300 actions!!

Imagine; someone has put this up in the first place and now has to change the link of the banner to another page by hand as described previously. Let's compare this to the ease someone might experience when changing a bannerlink within a template, within only 5 actions...

So, bottomline; I think there should be a possibility to place some language-dependent content on a template. But for the sake of consistency ("the initial idea of a template is to provide an identical appearance") it might be inevitable to bring such functionality outside the page-templates and put it somewhere "in-between". Maybe a new "fase"?

Hope you'll get the point. Any other suggestions are welcome! 

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