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Hi All,

Why not using "ImageResizer" or something like it on Sitefinity CMS where developer users and designers can modifies there images with no need to create a new image if he want to re-size it.
If I'm a designer and I want to create templates for a news list with thumbs it will be easier for me to attach a query string and I'll get a great result  with a focus on security, stability, and image quality.

Mohammad Owidat

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Hello Mohammad,

Thank you for the suggestion!

Out implementation doesn't allow this at the moment. However, we have a really good blog post on how to create multiple versions of an image (different sizes), storing them in the database, and using them later directly with a queryString parameter. I believe you will find it useful:

Jen Peleva
the Telerik team
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There's a bunch of us who want this... has been activly talking to the developer and he's WILLING to modify his code in order for it to work with sitefinity, but nobody from telerik seems interested in making it happen (not sure if anyone replied to Daniel).  We've been able to kinda get it working with a custom provider...daniel would have the best (latest) code sample for that.

It's such a shame...great tool.

Keep in mind though focus on stability...someone could notice the querystring and hammer your server requesting huge huge images.


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