Anyone have a control to show related products?

Posted by Community Admin on 05-Aug-2018 18:01

Anyone have a control to show related products?

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Posted by Community Admin on 23-Aug-2013 00:00

Below my product detail view (single view) I want to show "Like" products...does this exist?

If not, does anyone have a control built that will do it?

Posted by Community Admin on 26-Aug-2013 00:00

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your question.

The “Similar products” feature is part of the future plans for the E-commerce module but unfortunately I can’t give you any release dates right now. However, here is a workaround suggested by one of our developers.

Let’s say you want to sell laptops and you have five different models. When you open one of them you’ll want to see the other four as similar products. Here is what you can do:

1. You have to create a tag “laptop” for every model.

2. Afterwards, you’ll need to add a standard ASP.NET control to the Product details template you are using that will:

a) Check the tags assigned to the currently open product (in this case, it will find “laptop”).

b) Show all other products with tag “laptop” as similar.

In order to have the current product inside your custom control you can use the URL or you can inject the product to a property of that new control. We have similar properties for each control of the Product detail template (Add to cart, Inventory, etc.)

If you want more specific relationship between products you can also use tags. For example, if you want to relate Product A and Product B just add a tag “Product B related” to Product A and vice versa.

If you have further questions, please get back to us.

Best regards,


Posted by Community Admin on 26-Aug-2013 00:00

This is how I'm already doing it for the module builder...(with categories)...was just hoping I didn't have to make another control for products :/

Okay, thanks

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