Issue logging into back end

Posted by Community Admin on 05-Aug-2018 17:00

Issue logging into back end

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Posted by Community Admin on 06-Oct-2015 00:00

We are starting the process of migrating our site to Sitefinity.  I created some layouts locally and deployed to our test environment.  When I hit the site (as a user), I am returned the home page without issue.  When trying to sign in to the back end, I am receiving the log in page.  After I type in credentials and hit Login, I receive a 302 from /Sitefinity/Authenticate/SWT and then a 504 from /Sitefinity/dashboard (which has a long querystring of wrap_deflated, wrap_access_token, etc).  I believe this might have to do with our load balancer but I am not sure and don't know what I need to do (even after reviewing multiple threads and documentation on the subject).  Can anyone help me?  Thank you.


One additional thing I just noticed is that we hit our test URLs with https (which is then forwarded from the load balancer to the server as http).  When I am on page /Sitefinity/Authenticate/SWT on testing, the querystring has a realm= value of http://(oursite) vice https.  Not sure if that matters.

Posted by Community Admin on 07-Oct-2015 00:00

Found the solution.  Problem was with the wsFederation web.config entry.  I had to make sure I updated the realm property to match the site protocol and domain.

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