Editing a duplicate page gives me a 404

Posted by sapplegate on 26-Nov-2019 23:59

I have a Sitefinity website that's using Progress Sitefinity CMS 12.1 Standard Edition, v12.1.7124.0

I'm running into a strange issue when duplicating a page. Once the new page is created and I try to edit it, I get a 404 Not Found error.

I can preview my page at https://website.com/duplicate-page/Action/Preview just fine. But if I try to edit it, it takes me briefly to https://website.com/Sitefinity/adminapp/pages/duplicate-page/Action/Edit and I can see the page, and then it quickly redirects to https://website.com/Sitefinity/adminapp/not-found

This doesn't occur on any pages that I create, or when I edit existing pages, it only happens when I duplicate a page and edit it. I've also tried publishing the page, I've made sure "Show in navigation" is checked in the Navigation Options, and that "Allow external search engines to index this page and include in Sitemap" and "Allow site search to index this page" are checked in the Site Search And Search Engines options.

Not sure if there is there something wrong with my setup, or is anyone else has run into this issue before?

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