Search index for static page in Sitefinity 11.0.6702

Posted by xiangzheng0000 on 07-Mar-2019 10:27

Hi guys, we have a search index problem and we have fix 90% of it, but there still a related issue we would like to figure out.

The problem is: we have create a search index and check the "Static HTML in pages" option, but when we using the sitefinity search for any keyword from page content block there is no result showing. During re-index or edit the static content page in sitefinity, the sitefinity error logs keep logging "Message :  is not a valid value for Int32.".

Reason: The custom page template we created under the /ResourcePackages/Bootstrap4/MVC/Views/Layouts/ has change the default place holder name from "Contentplaceholder1" to "MainContent".

(We got this idea from this article:, thanks @Markus)

Solution: We have to change the place holder name back and manually moving all the content block in our pages back to this place holder.

The issue is: Is there any settings in sitefinity to set the placeholder name for search index? or we have to use the "Contentplaceholder1" as the place holder name when we create the custom template?


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