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Posted by jfellrath on 27-Feb-2019 15:30

Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue with Sitefinity (11.0) forms. I've created a form and I've put it onto a page via the MVC control. The form itself has all MVC controls. 

What's happening is that the Javascript generated by Sitefinity at run-time is being totally ignored. I click the submit button, and nothing happens. Even when I click the button with no fields filled in (which should cause the validations for required fields to fire, you'd think), I get nothing. The only thing I see in the various browsers' development tools "Console" is a call out to the URL for our Facebook tracking pixel. (I don't think the pixel is the problem, BTW). 

I have no extra Javascript controls, though I do have some inline CSS added on the page in the header. Removing the CSS doesn't resolve the issue, though. 

Does anyone have any ideas where to look to fix this? 


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Posted by jread on 28-Feb-2019 20:54

What type of template are you using? Hybrid or Pure MVC?  Can you try it on a page using the "No template" option and report back what happens?  Are there any errors in the error logs/trace? ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Logs/

Posted by jfellrath on 28-Feb-2019 21:27

Putting the form on a template-less page worked just fine.  

Unfortunately, we appear not to be tracing such stuff in our environment.

I am thinking that the problem lies with the age of our site. This site was developed around version 8 and while we've upgraded it, that doesn't mean we're using just MVC now. I doubt the upgrade went to such lengths.

Is there any way around this?

Posted by jread on 28-Feb-2019 21:52

Well it appears to be something template based.  Try creating a new template in your resource package and use it for testing and slowly add back all the components to see if it is only "template" issue or a widget on a template.

Posted by on 20-May-2019 16:43

View the source code of the final page as rendered. Is your form wrapped in a FORM tag and the entire page has an overall FORM tag. You cannot nest form tags. I had this problem on a hybrid MVC page once.

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