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Posted by bwilson on 30-Jan-2019 18:57

Hello, we are trying to use forms on our site (Build version:10.2.6641.0) and are having an issue.

On our development site, I create my form and then in the "Settings" tab, I type in an email address in the "Send email notification for responses to..." section. Test and the form is emailing the submitted content to the correct email address.

So, I then use site sync to sync the form to our production server. The email address field gets wiped out so that no form submissions are emailed. I cannot edit the form on the production server (as that would break the site sync model), so this makes forms pretty useless for us - we always want submissions emailed rather than sharing sitefinity access across the company. 

Is this a known bug? Is there a work around?


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Posted by jread on 30-Jan-2019 20:15

This was addressed with Sitefinity v11.0.6700

Posted by bwilson on 30-Jan-2019 20:32

Thank you. The document you mentioned links to bug reports that indicate the issue was "Fixed in Sitefinity Internal Build 10.2.6633.0" ( We are using 10.2.6641.0 which would seem to be a later version. Does it matter that it's a public Hot Fix version and not an "Internal Build"?

Posted by jread on 31-Jan-2019 22:34

Did you check your advanced settings?  Under Administration > Settings > SiteSync > Forms is the SyncSubscribersList checked?

Posted by bwilson on 01-Feb-2019 18:27

Oh dear. Now I feel like a fool. Thank you. I'd checked so many settings, but not that one.

Posted by jread on 01-Feb-2019 21:26

Glad it is working now :)

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