Facing problem While Installing on Sitefinity version 8.1

Posted by vw5221851 on 29-Jan-2019 07:03

I have installed Sitefinity version 8.1.5810 in my machine through NuGet package of visual studio. I think UI related file has not been created and I don't know how to see the dashboard login page.But i have installed version 11.2 via Nuget package of visual studio. App_data, configuration file are created in the solution . but not created those file in version 8.1.5810. 

Run the solution ( 8.1.5810) in browser --> Mysite/Sitefinity .I got error file not found.   

is there any other way to install the above-mentioned version using .exe or something. Please let us know your suggestion. 

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Posted by jread on 29-Jan-2019 17:44

You will need to retrieve the Project Manager for 8.x projects in order to get them running locally.  You can get the project manager from your Telerik portal.  When reviewing the documentation make sure you are using the correct version reference (can be changed in the header).

Posted by vw5221851 on 04-Feb-2019 12:20

Thanks a lot.

Posted by vw5221851 on 06-Feb-2019 12:48

Hi jread,

Thanks for your replay. i don't have project manager at this point. so i tried to install the verion 8.1 via nuget package manager. without project manager how will install ?

Posted by jread on 06-Feb-2019 13:12

As for version 8.1 as my memory serves I don't believe there was any alternate installation methods besides the project manager.

Posted by vw5221851 on 06-Feb-2019 14:49

okay but. I analyzed the way to installation  one is project manager another one is nuget package manager. So i don't have project manager for 8.1 version . because i tried to install via nuget pavcakge manager.

Posted by vw5221851 on 07-Feb-2019 08:45

I am using VS 2017 . Sitefinity version 8.1 whether supported or not?

Posted by jread on 07-Feb-2019 14:01

Good Morning,

While you are correct there are two options for installing Sitefinity 11.2 Nuget or Project Manager, if you take a look at the 8.1 specific documentation there is only one way to install and that is via the Project Manager.  You might reach out to your Account Manager for help.  Here is the documentation for install Sitefinity 8.1.


Posted by vw5221851 on 07-Feb-2019 14:18

Thanks a lot.

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