Facing Problem while installing on Sitefinity version 8.1.58

Posted by vw5221851 on 29-Jan-2019 06:01

I have installed Sitefinity version 8.1.5810 in my machine through NuGet package of visual studio. I think UI related file has not been created and I don't know how to see the dashboard login page. But i have Installed 11.2 version Configuration file are created in the solution.

Run the Solution( 8.1.5810 version)  in browser --> Mysitename/sitefinity   but browser throw the error file not found.

Is there any other way to install the above-mentioned version using .exe or something. Please let us know your suggestion. 

I Attached both version file folder 1 st one is 8.1.5810 and second one is 11.2.


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