RAD ASP.NET AJAX does NO "edit"

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RAD ASP.NET AJAX does NO "edit"

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I am very glad that we can use the advantage of Telerik RAD Tools now. I tested this with a simple grid. - Display out of the tollbox works very well. But whenever I try to to edit a record with <telerik:GridEditCommandcolumn....> it crashes. - What do I have to do to make it editing (or deleting)??

Regards Robert

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Hello RobertZ121,

Thank you for using our services.

Can you please show us the markup of the GridEditCommandcolumn in your Grid? Have you tried setting the
EditText property explicitly:

<telerik:GridEditCommandColumn EditText="Text"></telerik:GridEditCommandColumn>

The behavior you are experiencing is due to the Sitefinity label resource management. As it is looking for the default texts in the wrong assembly.

Best wishes,
Radoslav Georgiev
the Telerik team
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I just solved my problem. This was nothing within Sitefinity, the solution I found was at 


So I changed my grid there and now it runs also under sitefinity.

Regards, Robert

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I am attempting the following:

1 - Default.Master with no ScriptManager in it.
2 - Default Level 1.Master based on Default.Master still with no ScriptManager in it.
3 - Tracks.Master with Script manager, UpdatePanel and a Timer as the trigger.
4 - Create Tracks.aspx based on Tracks.Master.
5 - Create TracksAndVHFs.aspx based on Default Level 1.Master
6 - On TracksAndVHFs.aspx add iFrame which displays Tracks.aspx page.

I get:

Cannot unregister UpdatePanel with ID 'upTracksAndVHFs' since it was not registered with the ScriptManager. This might occur if the UpdatePanel was removed from the control tree and later added again, which is not supported.
Parameter name: updatePanel

When attempting to edit the Tracks.aspx page.

I came across:
but unsure how I can implement this in my case.

Any help would be appreciated,

Just a quick further note: This only happens when I access the page in edit mode. When I view the page it works fine. Si I just need to somehow disable the whole AJAXing thing when editing the page maybe.

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The issue is fixed. For those that are interested, visit kruegerwebdesign.com/.../


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