Navigation tree not showing childs when group page is not sh

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Navigation tree not showing childs when group page is not shown on navigation

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I recently tried to get the navigation widget to show the tree without group-page but with the children (thus having them on a different indentation level, separating them from the other navigation items just slightly). However, if the group page's setting for showing it on navigation is disabled, the whole tree underneath is not shown. This could be by design, but in that case I would propose a change (for example to ask if all sub-pages should be hidden from navigation when the group page's setting on that has been changed).

1. Create template with a navigation component (set it to tree-view and to open children by default)
2. create group page (select shown in navigation)
3. create few child pages (with the template) for group page created in 2
4. create a page outside the group page from 2 (also with the template)
5. view pages, confirm that the children from step 3 are shown correctly on the tree
6. edit properties of the group page to not show it in navigation
7. view any of the pages again, confirming that the child pages are not shown in navigation anymore (even if you are on such a child page..)

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Hi Lasse,

If the parent item is not visible all child elements are also hidden. This is the behavior of RadTreeView control. Generally in Windows if you do not have access for a root folder you cannot access it child folders.

If you want to see item which parent is not presented into the navigation you will need a custom control which nodes you have to bind manually by using PageManager and its methods or PagesFacade.

Ivan Dimitrov
the Telerik team

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