CSS problem

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CSS problem

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Posted by Community Admin on 17-Feb-2011 00:00

I have created a new page, dropped in a layout, and a few content boxes. Then I added some CSS to them to set a specific width and I saved the CSS and it worked. I saved the page and exited it to go edit something else. When I came back to the page to continue working it the CSS was no longer working. So I went in to edit the CSS to see if the CSS code I added was still there. The CSS was still there but was not doing anything to the page. The page was not going to the 700px width I put in the CSS even though the CSS code is still there. Why is this happening?

Posted by Community Admin on 18-Feb-2011 00:00

Hello Jed Horovitz,

Can you provide us more information about the CSS code that you've added? How do you set the width of the page? If you try to set it with something like "body width:700px " there will be many problems for sure, but if you set it to the .sfPublicWrapper for example there shouldn't be any problems.

Also you can check with Firebug for Mozilla Firefox (or Developer tools for IE) are your styles loaded/applied/overridden.

the Telerik team

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