Image duplicated on upload when using same name

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 23:02

Image duplicated on upload when using same name

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Posted by Community Admin on 18-Feb-2011 00:00

If you upload an image using the same name as an image already in an album, it overwrites the existing image (expected) and creates a new image (not expected).  There are now two identical images in the library with the same name and properties with no revision history on either.

This is occurring in v 4.0.1106.

Posted by Community Admin on 21-Feb-2011 00:00

Dear Suzanne

You might have the same problem as I had

Upload two image


Reneamed the first title to: Image
Renaemed the seond tile to: Image

And you end up with two images but they are idenitcal.


If this is the problem here is the solution

After you upload the image and you go to edit you will see the page were you can change the title all the way to the bottom a secton URL. this will be DSC_001 and DSC_002 initially (following the example above)

As soon as you change the title form DSC_001 to Image the URL will also change to Image.
Now when you change the second image titel DSC_002 to Image the URL will get change to the same as the one of DSC_001.

So in order to have different images with the same tilte you need to make sure that you keep different URL.
DSC_001 -> new title: Image -> set URL to Image1
DSC_002 -> new tilte: Image -> set URL to Image2


Let me know if this works for you. If it does wonderful. I allready wrote telerik that this is in no way clear to an enduser.

a) that it can happen
b) since the URL is on the bottom and colapsed nobody will notice.

Lookinf forward to your feedback.


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