Gallery Backend: Image is mysteriously added to album

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 17:16

Gallery Backend: Image is mysteriously added to album

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Posted by Community Admin on 14-Mar-2011 00:00

Hi There,

As you can tell I'm working with the Image module and at every turn discovering new bugs. This latest one is a mystery. I uploaded 5 images to a new album, I then go into that album to set titles and descriptions. When I view the album I see the 5 images uploaded, I click on the first image and the image displayed is actually not the image I saw in the thumbnail, it's not even an image that's in this album. (Note, I often see the display of another image but after 1-2 seconds the image refreshes and the correct image is displayed). I figure this is an issue where the image area isn't refreshing (a minor bug considering the number of bugs in the system). I continue to set the title and the description. When I click publish and go back to album I now have a new image in my album!! I now have 6 images!!! I can't reproduce this every time but in the last couple hours it has now happened twice.

Yet another reason why SF4 should still be labeled beta and not charged for yet, or we should be sending you invoices for QA Testing.


Posted by Community Admin on 15-Mar-2011 00:00

Dear Phil

A bit of topic.

You might want to look at TechSmith Jing. It is free and enables you to make screencast very easely. It sometimes really helps to see the behavoir.


Posted by Community Admin on 15-Mar-2011 00:00

Thanks Markus, I have used jing in the past. However I'm reporting these issues as I encounter them, some of them I can reproduce every time, others like the image magically appearing in an album I can't so there's no easy way for me to capture it unless I'm running jing 24/7


Posted by Community Admin on 15-Mar-2011 00:00

Hello Phill Hodgkinson,

I managed to reproduce the minor issue with showing the previously loaded image at dialog and then after refreshing showing the correct image. I logged a bug with id 110512 which will be planned for fixing at next releases.

I didn't manage to reproduce the next problem you are reporting with an image added to album when edit album properties and publish. If you encounter it again, please specify exact steps you follow.

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
the Telerik team

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