Google Analytics - Placement

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 20:46

Google Analytics - Placement

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Posted by Community Admin on 19-Apr-2011 00:00

Can I add the 'Google Analytics' widget to an existing content placeholder? Example - if I have a content placeholder at the bottom of the page for my copyright, can I drag the 'Google Analytics' widget into that content placeholder?


Do you recommend creating your own 'Content Placeholder' for the Google Analytics Widget?

Posted by Community Admin on 20-Apr-2011 00:00

Hi Scott,

The placement of the widget doesn't matter since we are always adding the Google snippet in the last closing that so that we can make sure the page is fully loaded before data is sent to Google. In the upcoming releases we are going to make a setting for the Analytics in the page properties, instead of using a widget, that will automatically generate the snippet based on the credentials you have entered in the Google Analytics.

I hope this helps.

Hristo Borisov
the Telerik team

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