No root node with the name of "FrontendSiteMap"

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 15:40

No root node with the name of "FrontendSiteMap"

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Posted by Community Admin on 19-May-2011 00:00

Well on thing is fore sure developing or better simply working with SF 4.x is never dull.

I get this error now and can not enter there front or back-end.

HELP any idea. No I don't think I have done enything special. I did NOT move anything into productions. It simply STOPPED working.

And I really start not to care weather Telerik can reproduce it or not. More then one is having this problem and even Gabe seemed to have run into it.

I have a NOT working Site now. Still in development but I am convinced at the moment this can happen to any site any time.

If no better anwser then

Have you change DB name or SQL Connection here then I must open a ticket - Sure hope Telerik will then treat it urgently. So much time is lost with SF at the moment.


I did read


Posted by Community Admin on 19-May-2011 00:00

I renamed my local App_Data\Sitefinity\Configuration\ProjectConfig.config

to ProjectConfig_old.config

Downloaded my App_Data\Sitefinity\Configuration\ProjectConfig.config from the server and compared it. And yes the Project name was GONE. Simply empty.

I put my project name back in and uploaded the file, restarted the server and the site was back on!

So this fixed it!


BUT - I tell you it was no move to production, no changes - unbelivable as it might sound - this just happened.

So Telerik - do me and others a favoir and think about what, when, were the ProjectConfig.config filecould have been changed online in a production envirement!!

- Local file had the string. So it could not be an FTP Upload error
- No move to production
- No changes in SQL DB

Just simply an EMPTY !

And please go further then just: we can not reproduce it!

Maybe this will help: I see that the following files have all been changed at the same time on the server.


I did not check this but I would assume that the ProjectConfig.config was changed around the same time.

So something updated these 5 files at the exact same time.

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