Add content in template region from page (update)

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 08:55

Add content in template region from page (update)

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Posted by Community Admin on 20-May-2011 00:00

Well I had another thread were I was saying that I think its very unfortunate that you can still add content to regions for which you have set stuff in a template.

You crate a template as admin. Put a Navigation Widget into one region.

Now a user creates a page based on the template. He/she can now drop a content block in this navigation region messing up the whole design. Ok they can thinks but the idea of a template is to give a secure boundry to users where they can not mess up the design.

One more problem just happend to me today. These template regions are alos editable when you edit the page from the front end.

a) this is bad - since there is no clue that its a region comming from the templage
b) this would influence probably the whole site (at the moment change are not reflected on the other pages - to me thats seems to be another bug like we had in the back-end before SP1

So I vote for this again

1) If you enter something in a layout region in a template NO content should be possible to be entered in these regions (neiter templates based on this template or pages based on this template)
2) If you keep it this way
a) it would be nice to have it somehow seperated in the front end (color, text, warning it effects whole page)
b) if you update a region from a template it really should be applied to all pages immediately

Kind Regards

Posted by Community Admin on 26-May-2011 00:00

Hello Markus,

Thank you for the feedback.
We have internal discussions about this and we are working to find the best solution. There are different aspects of this problem and we should consider all of them before taking the final decision.

Kind regards,
the Telerik team

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Posted by Community Admin on 26-May-2011 00:00

Dear Antoaneta

The best would be of course if you could set a property to a layout region in a template.

Allow additional content in this region from pages (true/false)

I see both sides but having templates that can be changed by a user somehow is against the whole idea of templates - even though the flexibility is great

Or something similar :-)


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