ContentBlock (Shared Contend) in Workflow

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 10:16

ContentBlock (Shared Contend) in Workflow

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Posted by Community Admin on 01-Jun-2011 00:00

Hi there

Once again I vote for renaming the Content - ContenBlocks to - Shared content because you have ContentBlocks on pages and Contenblock in Content -> but thats another story.

Create a Site
Enable Workflow
Create a ContentBlock (Well a shared content to be clear)
Include this Use this ContentBlock in a ContentBlock (see how this read funny) on two pages

Log in as admin and change the ContentBlock (well the one under Content not on the page) and you will get a warning that all the pages that use this ContentBlock (shared content) will need to be republished (if I remember correct did this last week)

Now since you are an admin you will not have to republish the pages. Admins can skip the workflow. Which is good because if I imagine that you have a ContentBlocke shared on 100 pages it would be some work to find them all and republish then. And I an not even sure if you could distinguish between pages that are up for publishing for other reasons at the moment.

a) if you are logged in as admin this warning is not needed
b) a icon shows up on the ContentBlock (see attachment) which is probably also not needed and wrong in this case.


Posted by Community Admin on 06-Jun-2011 00:00

Hello Markus Berchtold,

Thank you for contacting Telerik support.
Issues you describe are already logged in our system for fixing.

All the best,
the Telerik team

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