The URL contains invalid symbols.

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 00:05

The URL contains invalid symbols.

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Posted by Community Admin on 22-Jun-2011 00:00

Ok, so I created a new Category based on the text "Dr. Anne DuVall President 2010-2011"

I then decided that I should put the year before the name, so I went into the category editor to change the name...moved the numbers to the front, hit save, and it says "The URL contains invalid symbols."

(so the problem is clearly the period)

So the bug is that it allows the period when creating the new category...doesnt filter the period out of the URL

Also when you hit save and there's a problem with the URL in the "Advanced" area you never see it...just seems like the save button doesn't work.  The advanced area should pop open on error.

...and then there's this:  :/ Can't move items up or down at all.

It doesn't let name for developers submit with spaces, however most of the items in the DB (the auto-generated ones) have spaces...

Posted by Community Admin on 22-Jun-2011 00:00

Looks like it's some SERIOUS ordinal problems...(attached)

Is 1.5 a valid number for ordinal?

(and the sorting defined there doesn't reflect the sorting in the Document filter by category list or the category pickers)

Posted by Community Admin on 27-Jun-2011 00:00

Hello Steve,

I tried to reproduce the issues  using our latest release of Sitefinity - 4.1 SP2 ( build 1501 ) and I was not able to to replicate them. Please consult the video I created for you. Can you try and replicate the issue using new project, or try and recreate the categories.

Kind regards,
Victor Velev
the Telerik team

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