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Page not refreshing

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I’m experiencing what appears to be a caching issues following an upgrade from Sitefinity 4.0 SP1 to Sitefinity 4.1 SP2. I haven’t updated my user controls, but with Sitefinity 4.1 SP2, after logging in to my site, the Login control and navigation menu due not update to reflect the login event (note that these are not Sitefinity control but ones that we’ve developed at Aptify).

Here’s an overview of the problem:


Sitefinity 4.0 SP1 behavior (our expected behavior)

I have a login control on the home page. When a user provides his/her user name and password, I am authenticating the user against the Aptify database . If the login is successful, I am redirecting back to the default home page and then some additional menus are loaded (based on the logged in user’s permission set) and the and login control updates to notify the user that the login was successful. Please refer the attached screenshots.

Fig(1) show the Aptify login control before logging in:
Fig(2) Shows the Aptify menu control (only 3 options) before logging in:

After the user logs in, the site updates Login control to show that the user is connected.
Fig(3) Show user is connected:

Also, because the user has access to additional modules in the site, more options appear automatically after logging in. Refer Fig(4)

Sitefinity 4.1 SP2 behavior

After a user logs in, the Login control and the menu options do not update automatically even though it appears that the login was successful.

However, if I manually refresh the page or if I browse to another page and then return to the original home page, then the login control and menu are updated.

Note that if I log into Sitefinity 4.1 first (say as the admin user), and then I browse the live site, the login control and menus update automatically without a manual refresh.


From our experience, this refresh problem appears to be new to Sitefinity 4.1. There are no errors logged to the Windows event viewer or Sitefinity from what I can tell. Can you provide a solution for resolving this problem?




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