Bug: can't enter multiple events with same title

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 17:19

Bug: can't enter multiple events with same title

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Posted by Community Admin on 29-Jul-2011 00:00

I am trying to load the event calendar for the next month, and am running into a bug. Sitefinity seems to want to autogenerate a URL for the events by adding "/events/" and then appending a date. That's fine, but it appears to be using the date that is loaded into the Start Date field when the entry page loads and not the actual date once the user has changed it.

Example. Say I want to go into Sitefinity and add two meetings called "strategy meeting", one for August 1 and another for August 3. I am entering both into the events module today, 7/29.
When I enter the first meeting, all is well and the event publishes with no issues.
I enter the second meeting, with the correct start date of 8/3, and when I click publish I receive the following message: "An item with the URL '/2011/07/29/faculty-meeting' already exists.".

Any ideas for a workaround and ETA for when this may be fixed?? SF version 4.1.1574.

Posted by Community Admin on 01-Aug-2011 00:00

Hi Julia Essex,

It's possible to achieve this functionality by changing the way URLs for Events are generated. Currently when an Event is created we take its PublicationDate and its Name to form the URL (so if you create two events with the same name on different days, let's say today and tomorrow, there won't be any conflicts). However for your scenario you'll have to setup a URL format that is composed of the EventStart date and the EventName (please not that if you have events with the same name that start on the same date, this will introduce conflicts). To achieve this functionality please go to Sitefinity backend ->Administration -> Settings ->Advanced ->Events ->Providers ->OpenAccessDataProvider->Parameters ->create new
For Key type "urlFormat"
for Value: "/[EventStart, 0:yyyy'/'MM'/'dd]/[UrlName]" (all without the quotes). Then save and restart the application sot he changes can be applied. Now you'll be able to create two events with the same names that start on different dates.. Accordingly you can specify "/[EventEnd, 0:yyyy'/'MM'/'dd]/[UrlName]" or just "/[UrlName]" depending on the specific scenario.

Boyan Barnev
the Telerik team

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