Cannot create new Page

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Cannot create new Page

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Posted by Community Admin on 01-Sep-2011 00:00


I have been fiddling around with sitefinity for a while now to get accustomed to the basic/default tools before diving in to custom modules and master pages. I had a previous issue with getting themes properly registered, but that was resolved earlier today.

Afterwards I began making more pages in my test site. I started to add more content widgets to a page already created, but decided against it and returned to the Pages section by clicking "Return to Pages" in the page editor and clicking "Ok" for the unsaved work warning. Right after that I clicked "Create a Page" in the Pages section. Instead of going to the new page creator, the application just continuously refreshes the Pages section every other second, seemingly without end. I can still click on other links (Dashboard, Administration, etc) to navigate away and break the looping, but if I go back and click "Create a page", the same thing happens. Worse still, the error doesn't seem to be project specific and is happening in my other test projects too.

I have no idea how this happened, everything was running fine and normal up until then and I don't think I did anything ridiculous to "break" it. I'm afraid that the only solution will be to uninstall and reinstall the sitefinity software. I do not want to do that unless it is absolutely necessary. Any ideas?


Posted by Community Admin on 02-Sep-2011 00:00

I'm guessing it's the Firefox 6 bug.  Apply the Sitefinity 4.2 hotfix and you should be good.

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I found an article referencing the 4.2 hotfix ( but I'm not sure what the account is or where to find it.

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Sep-2011 00:00

You can grab it by logging into this site, going to the Sitefinity 4 downloads and clicking browse all files.  Here's the link

Posted by Community Admin on 06-Sep-2011 00:00

Thanks! That resolved it. I waited a few days to update FF because of my addons, but I forgot to consider if it would affect Sitefinity as well.

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