login screen in pop-up [4.2.1650]

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 11:17

login screen in pop-up [4.2.1650]

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Posted by Community Admin on 04-Oct-2011 00:00


When in the backend on for instance a page edit and you let the login time out (or someone else logs in with same credentials) and then click on edit, the login screen opens inside the pop up window.

See attached screenshot :)

On a side note, can't we just make the pop-up like something min-width:100px;min-height:100px;max-width:80%;max-height:80%;


Posted by Community Admin on 04-Oct-2011 00:00

Hi Jochem,

The window that opens with login screen is the widget designer that tries to authenticate the user in order do be displayed. The size of the designer is based on the designer template(for news is bigger than for lists) and the frame that wraps the designer is controlled by the backend theme(the pop-up is RadWindow). You can test with firebug to add div.RadWindow_Sitefinity > table.rwTable  width and height to this css class. You can use the updated class with !important in a Css widget or by using a modified backend theme which is available with Sitefinity SDK.

Best wishes,
Stanislav Velikov
the Telerik team

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Posted by Community Admin on 04-Oct-2011 00:00

Hey Stanislav,

Thanks for the turbo speed answer :)
I know it's the login screen, I'm just saying I would like you to break it outside of the wrapper frame....

Making the thing 'auto' grow based on the content was just an idea so we can get rid of the numerous scroll bars that occur when pop-ups are to small...

I'll take a look at the theme inside the SDK, never have really up till now.


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