Unable to delete invalid form

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 15:09

Unable to delete invalid form

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Posted by Community Admin on 16-Nov-2011 00:00


I have created form with invalid name through code:

var form = formManager.CreateForm("Feedback Form");
form.Title = "Feedback Form Title";
form.Name = "Feedback Form Name"; // This is invalid name which will break the form

I have created and saved invalid form. Now I'm unable to go to Content -> Forms because exception gets thrown when I call
var formManager = FormsManager.GetManager();


[ArgumentOutOfRangeException: The artificial type name must be a valid language independend identifier.
Parameter name: name
Actual value was Feedback Form Name.]
   Telerik.OpenAccess.RT.ArtificialBase.GenerateType(String nsname, String name, Type idFieldType, String idFieldName, String superClassName) +768
   OpenAccessRuntime.metadata.MetaDataBuilder.CreateArtificialTypes(PackageMetaData[] packageMetaDataParam) +1335
   OpenAccessRuntime.metadata.MetaDataBuilder.buildMetaData(DataObjectsRoot[] roots, Boolean ignoreNoClasses) +727
   OpenAccessRuntime.Relational.RelationalStorageManagerFactory..ctor(StorageManagerFactoryBuilder b) +1321
   OpenAccessRuntime.storagemanager.StorageManagerFactoryBuilder.createSmfForURL() +184

It's easy to mistype the name and end up in a similar position. Is there a way to fix this through code or by modifying values in the database (something I'd like to avoid)?

I have tried to remove all the forms by doing the following:

foreach(var form in formManager.GetForms())

but I'm unable to execute this as I can't create a form manager.

Edit: This is by no way a solution, but it allowed me to carry on with prototyping. I have searched all SF tables for a string token and then removed all the rows where this string token appeared. This is something that we must avoid for a range of good reasons.

Thank you,


Posted by Community Admin on 21-Nov-2011 00:00

Hello Viktor,

I believe I already answered you about this problem in the support ticket that you opened. So, I will close this thread, to not duplicate responses.

Kind regards,
Lubomir Velkov
the Telerik team
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