Libraries do not get filtered by Role Permissions

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 20:54

Libraries do not get filtered by Role Permissions

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Posted by Community Admin on 03-Apr-2012 00:00

Hello.  i am trying to setup image or document libraries that can only be viewed by users with a certain role.  im using sitefinity 5.

no matter what i try, the list of libraries on the right always shows all libraries, even ones i should not be able to view according to the permissions i set for each library.  

i have tried explicitly denying the ability to view a library on a certain role and still my user who only has this one role can view all the libraries and see what's in them.  i cant edit the libraries but that's not good enough.  really, i should not see them either (unless i have those permissions).

page groups seems to work just how i would expect.  if i dont have view rights on a page group, then i cant see and therefore interact with the page group in the list of pages when logged in with that user.  why would that same functionality not apply to libraries?

this old article was the closest i have come to finding a solution but is pretty out of date and doesn't really tell me how to fix this. 

any help is greatly appreciated.  i would be happy if im just not doing things properly.

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Apr-2012 00:00

Dear Rory
Look here

Vote here:

This is the behavior we had with pages in 4.0. Its bad enough that you have to remove the rights from all other libraries. This was later fixed for pages so I hope Telerik will see the problem here that you would probably have to deny rights in all future libraries manually.


Posted by Community Admin on 04-Apr-2012 00:00

Hey Markus.  i have voted.  thanks. 

Posted by Community Admin on 22-Mar-2013 00:00

Alomost one year old request with over 20 votes

Any news on this. I sure would like to have images and libraries hidden in the backen from users if they have no access to them.


Posted by Community Admin on 26-Mar-2013 00:00

Hello Markus,

Thank you for contacting us.

As you may or may not know Sitefinity 6.0 is seeing a few changes with the libraries system. Mainly hierarchal changes but also some other unconfirmed fixes. Our teams are currently in the process of going through which PITS items are possible/postponed/6.0 ready and there will be more information soon as to which requests will make it into the next release.

I'm sorry at this time I cannot say whether this particular one will or will not be.

Thank you for your patience.

Patrick Dunn
the Telerik team

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