Sitefinity v5 - CPU 100% when loading images - Seeking Offli

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Sitefinity v5 - CPU 100% when loading images - Seeking Offline solution

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We have a stand alone windows 2008 R2 clean install server (3GHz CPU with 4G RAM), running Sitefinity v5 - in testing we have created a simple page with images only and no templates. When viewing this page by just a few users we see the CPU spike and often hit 100% - The images are not large. Interestingly, a page with text only and no images does not spike the CPU.

Been working with Sitefinity support, but they are unable to produce the high CPU. We have now spent many many hours and installed the Sitefinity on 6 different servers with the same result. Even using the sample Sitefinity sites provided the CPU still spikes for a single user!! 

We are in the situation where we can NOT launch our site as we get 1000's of users per day and are unable to determine why the CPU peaks. Any ideas?

Our solution at this point is to just use sitefinity as an editor for marketing and then use  to export the site to flat HTML. This is NOT ideal!

This way the engine of Sitefinity will not effect our production web servers CPU. However we will lose some functionality and will have to build some custom ASP>NET apps to externally link to.

Has anyone had experience in building such a solution, ie exporting to flat html files?

Many thanks

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Hi Matt,

We are having 100% cpu issues with Sitefinity v5 also.

Did you ever find a solution?


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Are they images linked to a custom module builder type by any chance?

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hey im sorry to be out of had a very serious and urgent issue....nt able to put a template in sitefinity...can u pls temme the soln...thnx

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We are having the exact same problem and have also resorted (for the time being) to httrack to turn the site into flat HTML! Definitely not what we were expecting after paying so much!!! Anyway, we are using Sitefinity v6.0. Did you ever come up with a solution or figure out why the CPU was spiking? Are you certain it had to do with the images? We've lost our site several times in the last couple of weeks and we can't pinpoint the cause.

The first time we thought it was due to a new 'banner' being created for a custom module builder built module, then it seemed to happen after deleting form submissions in the back-end, then it we think after a simple page change. This last time it happened apparently for no reason at all since all users were blocked from logging in. We thought perhaps the server was bad, but we put it on a fresh server and it still happened. It doesn't happen on any of our development/testing environments we assume because there is never more than a couple of people hitting the site at any given time.

We're really at a loss. Any ideas what could be happening or how to solve this?

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Pre 6.1 the assets field control(s) caused this issue (fixed in 6.1)

So if you have any templates on your page with that control...especially if it's in a repeater...there's the problem.

I had this happen myself, and pre 6.1 had to gut the control from the templates...then all was well.  Don't need to if you have 6.1 though apparently.

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Hello Richard, 


Found this post, as well as another one that you posted in regards to this issue. We are having a similar issue starting in our 7.6 instance and persisting through to 9.1. Since we started in 3.6, we cannot proceed to 10.X until we upgrade our users to the "default" provider fron the "openaccess" provider, so not sure if this was resolved in a later version.

The reason for my email is that we are seeing the web worker process chew up 98% of the CPU and essentially bring the server to it's knees. we thought initially it was image related, but we hosted all images on disc, using a workaround that, if the image is seen with a default image source path, we re-route it. things were working well, but lately we have seen the issue rear it's head again, however now, the entire site wont load, for over 2 minutes sometimes.


We are on a Virtual hosted web server with 12 cores and 8 GB of installed memory. 

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