Sitefinity Licencing 4.4

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Sitefinity Licencing 4.4

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Posted by Community Admin on 28-Apr-2012 00:00


Can some one tell me where can I find LicenseFile.xml in my account or please help me out in licencing of my website its urgent because on monday my site is going live and still I am facing trial error..

Posted by Community Admin on 30-Apr-2012 00:00

Rakesh, theer is so much information on the licensing in these forums. I remember answering this same question on different forums at least three times. From you Telerik account, go to Manage Keys, and download the Sitefinity.lic file for the version that you are using. There will be a license key for all versions. Once you download the file, place it in the App_Data/Sitefinity where you will see a Sitefinity.lic file already. Delete the one already there and replace it with the one that you have downloaded. Then go into the Sitefinity Backend, and navigate to Administration -> Versioning & Licensing, and there click on the Refresh or Update buttons. It will pick on your new license file. Or it will ask you to enter your account credentials and get it from your telerik account itself.
Hope this helps,

Sorry, its Sitefinity.lic file not License.lic file. Sorry. Corrected the text too.

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I have downloaded the trial version of Sitefinity 6.0 and have a Trial account activated in Telerik, but I am unable to find the sitefinity.lic file in the Sitefinity Directory in my system. Also, in reference to your post, I do not have Manage Keys link anywhere in my Telerik Account. 
How should I get the license key? Kindly reply at the earliest.... Thanks....

This is the point where I have got stuck, shown in the snapshot attached.

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