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Editing a taxonomy control gives the basic "Advanced" editing mode, but I see in JustDecompile there's a TaxonomyControlDesigner class...why isn't that popping up?

Not implemented, or bug that its not there?

Sidenote, it'd be nice if the widget rendered out a COMMON class instead of or in addition to "sftaxonCloud", "sftaxonHorizontalList", "sftaxonVerticalList" so I don't have to put all 3 of those in my stylesheet for common elements.  Heck, even just an outer wrapper div with a common class world work too :)

**EDIT #2**
Crap this just occurred to me too, I have NO idea which is which if they're both on a page.  You NEED to render my out the classification name into the widget somewhere.  The current way it renders I can't just globally say "Style these tag widget items with with a tag icon".  You're also rendering out the "Title" in the markup when there's no title it's just <h2> </h2>, please fix

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