Testing 5.0 Ecommerce

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 14:17

Testing 5.0 Ecommerce

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Posted by Community Admin on 22-Jun-2012 00:00

I created a sandbox because I wanted to check out the e-commerce features of SF to see if they are usable for Swiss Customers.

Here are some questions I don't know if some stuff is simply not working on Sandbox or if there are bugs. sf50.sandbox.sitefinity.com is the Quantum based site.

1) After fresh setups there are some orders I think I have not created. Do you create some orders on setup of sandbox for us?

2) I can register a user which will be visible under Admin Users. They are not in any group for example e-commmerce. Should they be in any group by default

3) Newly created user can not login. no error message

4) trying to login with the Toggle user menu expanded and entering Login credentials on bottom form (left side of regiser) will result in error messages on toggle user menu login forms. Vice versa. Entering credentials on top will give error messages on bottom sf_01.png

5) Addin images to products seem to work only one by one.

6) Checkout When on Payments for example clicking on Shipping Options in Breadcrumb does not take you back there is no back button and backbutton of browser is surely no good idea.

7) Discounts is there a way to make discounts usable only once?

8) I know we are special in Switzerland. Our currency is Fr. (USD) and Rappen (Cent) but we only go down to 5 Rappen. So for me to use it I would need to implement some rounding to 5 Rappen (cent) of course this would be needed for taxes totals, subtotals, coupons and stuff

9) Added an offline pamyent method Vorkasse (Pay in advance). I was expecting the Description to show up when the payment method is choosen.

10) Mark as paid. It would be nice if you could mark an order as Paid when you view the order details and not just from the actions menu.

11) Filters I would like Filters for order. Not paid, Not shipped, paid, shipped

12) I did set order paid, then order shipped. Detail of order still shows Payment pending sf_02.png

13) If a order is marked as shipped and then use action mark as paid. How would I know that this order has already been shipped?

14) Localization Continue Button seem not to be translated in German on Versandoptions sf_03.png

15) There should be a possibility to know when a order was shipped or paid. Adding some information like tracking code.

16) Reports Calander seems to be not formated very nice. sf_04.png

17) Deleting an order is a thing that should not be possible. I would want to cancel order so they are still visible.

18) I guess mail is not configured on sandbox so I never got an orderconfirmation to check if the description of my bank acount where the client would have to pay to (offline payment method - decription) would have been received. Of course this would be a must, or payment will never come and also it would be nice if this would be visible on checkout.

19) There is an extra arrow sf_05.png

20) I did not come across a print function for my order.

I think this is all the testing I am doing for now :-)
Some of the stuff might be sandbox related, some might be bugs, some might be feature request and some are simple errors done by me.

have a nice weekend.


Posted by Community Admin on 22-Jun-2012 00:00

Hey Markus,

Just a quick answer on your items

1) A sandbox issue.

2) Nope, the e-commerce group is purely optional. It's there already for future functionality. By default e-commerce is setup to allow only registered users to checkout, but this can be changed by a setting in the checkout widget.

3) A sandbox issue.

4) A sandbox issue.

5) Image upload works just like the default image upload in the general Sitefinity.

6) At the end of the checkout process, on the final step before confirmation (the preview) there are options to go back and change settings from previous steps. You can see it in sf-05.png (Ändern)

7) No, discounts are usable once per order, currently no functionality exists to limit them to once per user (since anonymous users are also able to checkout, this would be a custom thing).

8) Rounding to .05 instead of .04 etc, should be done with custom code (if needed everywhere) but can also be achieved by editing the formatting options of the templates (if needed just for cash payment).

9) The system displays the payment method, not the payment name by default, so offline payments don't get specified. 

10) ...feature request... 

11) ...feature request...

12) Correct, it's a 'bug' in the workflow/naming process. Currently Sitefinity expects first 'shipped' and 'paid' as the final flag meaning the order is completed. If you change the status to shipped, you basically tell it to go a step back.

13) See 12) pending is phase 1, shipped phase 2 and paid is phase 3 atm.

14) True it's a hardcoded 'continue', not yet localizable.

15) I'd say that's beyond the scope of the ecommerce package since it's not an order management system. Some shipping providers offer the ability for a tracking code though.

16) Reports aren't yet functional or multi-lingual/currency... Currently only displaying 'paid' orders in $.

17) Again, it's an ecommerce package, not an order management system. Deleting data is possible just like any other content item.

18) Sandbox issue. Order confirmation emails are send out in the regular version with all details present.

19) Sandbox issue. 

20) On the order overview there's a 'print' button...

Most are sandbox issues and with regards to paid/shipped & pending status of orders, this is how they implemented the system atm unfortunately. Reports are a non-feature as they are currently implemented....


Posted by Community Admin on 25-Jun-2012 00:00

Dear Jochem
Thanks for the feedback.

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