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Email Campaign

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Posted by Community Admin on 09-Jul-2012 00:00

I'm new to Sitefinity, using a trial version of Sitefinity 5 to prototype a newsletter-style email campaign for a client.  Following Sitefinity's documentation, I've created an email list, configured SMTP settings, and attempted to create a message template using the 'like a web page' option. 

In the template builder displayed, I select a 75% - 25% layout element and drag it to the design surface.  Fine.  Switching to content, I drag any widget into either of the layout boxes, but they refuse to be deployed.  Must I select a template first?   Okay, so I select the Right Sidebar, Header, Footer pre-defined template, then attempt to drag a blog widget into that template, which also fails.  No widget accepts insertion into a template layout pane, but will successfully drop into their interstices.  However,I don't want them to do that as they stretch across the entire page.  I want the blog widget confined to 75% of the message template width so I can place the news widget in a right side column, confined to the 25% width pane.

I separately created a page template in the format that I need and successfully dragged blog, news and content widgets onto the template.  All content looked right (particularly blogs that contained images and video links).  After saving this, I went back to the email campaign tools, created a new campaign and added the previously saved page tempate to the campaign message design surface.  All of the blog images appeared as broken links in the preview; video thumbnails appeared to load but would not play.

When I returned to the email campaign and sent myself a test message using this template, images in blog posts did arrive, although without the CSS styling seen in the template, but videos appeared as a black box with a red 'X' inside.  Not exactly what I was looking for.

What's the right way to proceed with this?  Thanks in advance for your advice.


Posted by Community Admin on 11-Jul-2012 00:00

I am also a new user building a 5.0.2860 project. I am having similar difficulty with the newsletter template designer. In a nutshell the emails I send out are rendering poorly in Outlook and in gmail. The end result is very different than the template I create using Sitefinity's layout engine and widgets. I would appreciate information on any known issues with the newsletter templates. 

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Can you wait until next week (hopfully)?

They've totally reworked the email campaigns module

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