Module Generator Error

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 08:50

Module Generator Error

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Posted by Community Admin on 13-Jul-2012 00:00

Brand new installation of Sitefinity 5.0.2800.0 SB 

When I create a Module and try to save it I get an error message. The new Module is not visible.  I have to relead the page twice to get it shown or use Admin - Module builder

Trying to use Action to set it Active will result in Error and only when refreshing twice or using admin -module builder will it be shown.

Same with deleting a module.

All resulting in an 404 error.


Posted by Community Admin on 16-Jul-2012 00:00

Also when I deleted the module it remainde under Content as well as in the toolbox. The Design Widgets remained as well.

Any one has ever had this?


Posted by Community Admin on 18-Jul-2012 00:00

Hi Markus,

Would it be possible to share more information on the module you tried to create and what fields it used? I tested the module builder in a brand new project and it works as expected. Also are you running the project from the project manager, VS or IIS? It is very odd that it would not work in a brand new project. Does it always happen when you create a new project?

All the best,
Atanas Valchev
the Telerik team
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Posted by Community Admin on 18-Jul-2012 00:00

Dear Antanas

The only think from what I read in forums that could be a problem is checkboxes with multiple values possible.


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