upgrade to SF 5.1 Responsive & Mobile design issue "

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 16:49

upgrade to SF 5.1 Responsive & Mobile design issue "The resource cannot be found"

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Posted by Community Admin on 28-Aug-2012 00:00

Hi there,

After upgrading to Sitefinity 5.1 we activated the Responsive & Mobile design module and then clicked on it under the design menu. It doesn't load we just get a JavaScript error that says the following:
"The resource cannot be found."

Where can we look to solve this problem?


Posted by Community Admin on 29-Aug-2012 00:00

I'm having the same trouble myself. Any luck?

Posted by Community Admin on 30-Aug-2012 00:00

Hi Lizbeth,

We did actually manage to sort it out. Looking at the Sitefinity log files we discovered that it was looking for a Media.svc or MediaQuery.svc file in the Sitefinity/Services folder.

On furher investigation we realised that during the deploy many of the files had not been deployed because they're not part of the csproj file and they weren't mentioned in the upgrade documentation that speaks of updating the csproj file to include certain references.

Once we'd copied all the additional files things seemed to have sorted themselves out. If this doesn't work for you, try looking at the log files and see if perhaps something else is being reported.

Good luck,

Posted by Community Admin on 31-Aug-2012 00:00


Try to reinstall the responsive design module first. Go to App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration/SystemConfig.config and remove the version of ResponciveDesign.

    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Search" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="News" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Blogs" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Events" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Libraries" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Forms" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Lists" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Analytics" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Scheduling" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Newsletters" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="GenericContent" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="ControlTemplates" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Migration" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="Ecommerce" />
    <add version="5.1.3270.0" name="ModuleBuilder" />
    <add  name="ResponsiveDesign" />

Without a version Sitefinity will attempt to reinstall the module as it seems the module failed to install fully possibly after upgrade to Sitefinity 5.1. After removing the version of the module restart the application and the version will be automatically added to SystemConfig.config.
Check if now the module is accessible.

Additionally, the service for responsive design that is part of Sitefinity project and is located in Sitefinity/Services/ResponsiveDesign/MediaQuery.svc appears to be missing. Please check this and make sure the service file is there. If it is not I have attached the service file to the ticket. Place it in Sitefinity/Services/ folder and build the project in visual studio. The module should be working now.

All the best,
Stefani Tacheva
the Telerik team
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