Search index when Feeds Module is deaktivated not working

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 07:31

Search index when Feeds Module is deaktivated not working

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Posted by Community Admin on 30-Aug-2012 00:00

Thank's to super quick support I was able to fix a thing fast but to me this is a bug.

Under Administration Modules there is 

Search and Indexes 
as well as
Feeds & Notification

I did turn off everything I did not need. SBE so no feeds & notification.

Some days later I try to create my first search index and get the error

No pipe registered with name 'ContentInboundPipe'!

It turns out in order to have the Search and Indexes working you also need the Feeds & Notification Module acitve.

Well I might understand that this is needed somewhere in the background. But this is of course not clear to any enduser  (at least not the dumb kind like me)

So when you see the warning that deactivating the feeds and noification moduele that this can effect other modules you are left in the dark. Well it's try and error to find out what might be effect. Or in my case simply contact Support.

So I think it would be nice if you deactivete a module you would be told like. 
This module must be activated if you need search and index for example.


PS: Post is for other who might end up and serach on forum for 

No pipe registered with name 'ContentInboundPipe'!

As well as to hope for better information 

Posted by Community Admin on 12-Mar-2014 00:00

hah! thanks markus, just banged against this one, this was definitely the fix (btw still present in v6.3)

 thanks for saving me the frustration of trying to figure this one out :)

Posted by Community Admin on 12-Mar-2014 00:00

Dear SelAromaDotNet

 I am happy the post was of some value to someone even if it was an old one.


Posted by Community Admin on 12-May-2015 00:00

Thanks Markus. Just ran into this exact problem with a 7.0 site.

 This post probably saved me hours of time and a headache :-)

Posted by Community Admin on 13-May-2015 00:00


 Glad the post was to some use for you. However how easy would it be for Telerik to add under Admin - Modules - Search and Indexes a small note (Needs Feeds & Notifications to be turned on)

 So it would at least give a user a chance to know what to do :-). But thats me and my usability thinking.



Posted by Community Admin on 14-May-2015 00:00


You are totally right. Search module needs the Feeds & Notifications module to be active. You are also correct that there is no warning about this. We wanted to implement some warning dialogs when a module is deactivated, but there are more urgent features. Seeing that there are users that experience this problem, we will add additional text as you suggested in the module description for the next internal build.
I hope this will prevent such problem in the future.


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