Backend users login error

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Backend users login error

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I am trying to apply Windows Authentication on Sitefinity 5.1.3450 in a project with two pages: a home page that everyone can see and other private that only certain users in Active Directory can access.
I have configured LDAP provider and the STS site without problems, Windows Authentication works well and if you are one of the users that can access the private page you go there directly, however backend users cannot access the page from any other web browser or device except if they log out previously from the one they logged in previously. Looks like the nice feature of "somebody is already logged in with your account, do you want to log him/her off?" now by doesn't exists and by default doesn't let you access. Is there anyway to sort this out? I would like to be able to log in without having to remember where in Earth I forgot to log out first.

Users that can access the page but aren't backend users don't seem to have this problem.

I've realised that setting up token_id to null and is_logged_in to zero in

sf_lic_user_activity table for the appropiate user sorts the issue.


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