Restarted Website and Cannot Get it Back Online

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 20:18

Restarted Website and Cannot Get it Back Online

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Posted by Community Admin on 05-Oct-2012 00:00

I have always had multiple sites per App Pool and at the urging of Telerik Support today I began to give each site it's own App Pool with 512mb of memory allocated to it. Out of 12 sites, all but one started correctly. When trying to start the final site my it timed out three times and finally told me 'Incorrect Syntax near -'. My Database does have a dash in it, so I renamed the database from SF-SiteName to SFSiteName. No help.

My database went into recovery mode. Twenty minutes later I could examine the tables but opening up each tree node in SQL Server trying to get to the tables took 10 minutes. I deleted the database and tried to restore from last night. After 10 minutes the restore was complete (this usually takes 10 seconds). The same problem was present with an extremely slow database, even though I index nightly. I finally restored to last Friday and my site is stable again.

I am missing a weeks worth of data now and have no clue why this happened. Has anyone ran into anything similar?

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