Search Index - Reindexing problem solved.

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 08:44

Search Index - Reindexing problem solved.

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Posted by Community Admin on 25-Oct-2012 00:00

Well here is something to improve

I wanted to reindex my search index and got the error: 'Publishing Module is disabled!"

Well heading over to Admin - Modules looking for the 'Publishing Module' but that does not exists.
And of course the Search & Indexes Module was active.

Well it seems that you need to have 'Feeds & Notifications' Module active in order for the 'Search & Indexes' Module to be working.

a) The error message should at least read 'The Feeds & Notifications Module is disabled' instead of the Publishing Module is disabled 
b) It would be nice if you Activate 'Search & Indexes' Module you get a warning. This Module needs Feeds & Notifications to be activated in order to work. (of course only if Feeds & Notification is disabled)
c) When disabling Feeds & Notification you should be warned that 'Search & Indexes' will stop working fully (only if Search & Indexes is turned on)
d) at least change the text of Forms & Notifications 
Use Feeds & Notifications to publish frequently updated information. You can publish an RSS feed for a blog, news, or events on the website and the users can subscribe to this feed. Also needed for Search & Indexing to work.
e) at least change the text for Search & Indexes
Define different sets of content to be searched, using the internal search engine of your website
Needs 'Feeds & Notifications to be activated.

Or even better. How about make it clear to any user that if you turn on 'Search & Indexes' it will work and if you trun it off it won't. So people would not have to try and error what the problem is. 
It's good to have a J-Person at hand :-)


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