An error occurred while parsing EntityName.

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An error occurred while parsing EntityName.

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When we publish our project on a new server we get the following error message. Googling around gives the idea that something is wrong with parsing xml file(s). No idea which file(s) though....

Any thoughts?

An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 4, position 87.

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You have been answered on this question in your support ticket. I will paste the answer here for your reference:


Thank you for contacting us.

This error is probably coming from the configuration files located in App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration folder, but the stack trace doesn`t give the name of the configuration file where this is occurring. Additionally there might be a server configuration problem or a glitch that occurred during deployment.

Can you provide me with the steps you took to copy the site form one server to another?

I will outline the steps here for better reference:

1. Download the database and all files form one server
2. Change the connection string to the database so it matches the connection string settings for the SQL Server on the new location
3. Make sure there is no specific port binding configured in the project for the site to run only on specific port number. If there configure IIS biding to this port number of change the port biding of the project in its .csproj file.

Also can you inspect the error logs to see if the error has been recorded in them. You can locate those error logs in App_Data->Sitefinity->Logs

Here are some steps which might remedy the situation:

1. Try to recycle the application pool for this site and start it again to see if it will help.

2. Test to replace all config files in the problematic project using the config files of the working project and change the DataConfig.config if necessary to replace the connection string to the database.

3. Also from what I have researched this error can occur if you are having not encoded text into xml element. 

<address>Hello world & Test Rd</address>

This can most often be encountered in the DynimicModulesConfig.config. Try deleting the config file, restart the application and run the site again.

4. If the Entity error is not present in the log files and the above suggestions did not do the work, what I would suggest is to try and deploy the site again. Start by deleting the not working project from the server and create again with this configuration:

1.     Create new website select the parent folder which holds the solution file for your project.

2.     Configure the application pool to use .NET 4 and in advanced settings for the application pool configure Identity : NetworkService.

3.     Right click the website project -> Edit permissions->Security, add new user Network Service and grant him fill permission over all of the site related files.

4.     In the database for the project (I use SQL Server) I add new user to the database called Network Service and is in (NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE) this user is in db_owner role for both the database and the schema.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions.


Regards, Pavel Benov
the Telerik team


Pavel Benov
the Telerik team
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