UI fix for 5.3 - Takes only a few minutes - Telerik please d

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UI fix for 5.3 - Takes only a few minutes - Telerik please do it

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Posted by Community Admin on 04-Dec-2012 00:00

If you choose to add an image in a content block there are some issues

a) of course as in many other dialogs you STILL need to scroll to get to the buttons!
b) image libraries are not sorted - I guess an order by ASC  would do the trick
c) some more space could be used - make it wider so the libraries at least are not wrapped. 

Look at this video and you will know what a pain it is to work with unsorted image libraries. As you can see in order to get some sorting possible the image libraries start with the year. But they are trown in randomly. 


I would have made the above a link but there is STILL no option to add a link in this editor.


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Isnt this in 5.2 SP1?

Second item under "Other"?

...but is it not, or is this another issue?...you commented on the 13th that this was in 5.2 sp1?

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It is fixes under Content - Images. On the right side the images are now sorted - See attached image. But if you look at
<a href="www.marktold.com/.../a> you see the libraries sorted 2005, 2010 all over the place. 

But if you choose an image it is still messed up. I have about 150 image galleries. Its a school site where they put images up when ever they have  a play, ski day or so. So since there are no nested libraries this sorting is a must to work efficient.


PS: Steve if you would add the link as links it would make my life easiere. I would not have to copy paste. At least I tried :-) LOL - just teasing

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It's probably not really random sort, so much as a useless sort ;)

I guess that the selection is from sf_libraries, so the question is probably, what should the ORDER BY clause be.

Personally, I still don't fully understand why 'nested' libraries are not possible. Other sf tables provide support for nesting, via the use of a parent id field, but libraries don't support this concept.

I understand that Telerik don't want to implement the feature, but I've never seen a technical explanation justifying it.

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