Module builder images appear in arbitrary order and cannot s

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 13:51

Module builder images appear in arbitrary order and cannot sort

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Posted by Community Admin on 15-Mar-2013 00:00

this feels buggy.  When you create an image using the module builder with an images field the module outputs the images you attach to the custom item but not in the order they were associated to the item.

Image attached (original-upload-ordinal.jpg) is the order i want them in (and how i uploaded them) but they output like the image (output-of-images-ordered-by-ordinal.jpg) the ordinal doesnt seem to relate to the item as it was uploaded and maintain the ordinal logically in my head it should have, i.e. first image = ordinal 0, second = ordinal 1, third = ordinal 2 ---- but currently the third image uploaded gets ordinal 1 instead of 2.

When you go to reorder them using the little dots icon, nothing happens, well you get the cross icon, but you cannot re-order the images.

I know this is small, but things like this are amazingly frustrating, becuase the only way around it is to get the client to rename the images with a sort key in the name like A_image_name.jpg and work it that way, stuff like that is hard to swallow when people are paying for something (you can get away with it with open source items).

if i am doing something really wrong, please let me know.

Posted by Community Admin on 15-Mar-2013 00:00

Hi Roberto,

You are right that it isn't possible to order images in the backend, as you can within the Ecommerce module. I hope this is a bug that can be fixed with 6.0!

I indeed solved this by naming the images before upload and order them using LINQ.

Kind regards,

Posted by Community Admin on 20-Mar-2013 00:00

Hello guys,

Indeed, when having a Media field for multiple images, they will not be ordered as in the backend. We have logged this as a bug. You can track its status, following this PITS link:

The ability to drag and drop the images to reorder them has not been implemented yet, so it's been logged as a feature request. You can vote for it here:

Jen Peleva
the Telerik team
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