Additional URLs not working for old Joomla pages

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Additional URLs not working for old Joomla pages

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Posted by Community Admin on 30-Mar-2013 00:00

We have just taken a new websites developed with Sitefinity live ( Prior to the site launch, we captured all the old URLs and added them to the new site using the Additional URLs feature.

The previous site was developed in Joomla and had URLs formatted like the following:

We've added the URLs to the Additional URLs field in the following format and checked the redirect button:


The site is not redirecting the pages from the old site. We're seeing all the links in Google come up with a 404 page error. Does the Sitefinity Additional URLs field not work for Joomla URLs? Is there another way to permanently redirect these pages?

The documentation on the Additional URLs functionality is very thin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Apr-2013 00:00


 Let me elaborate a bit on why you can't add queryStrings to the additional url itself. The reason for this lay in the fact that each url in Sitefinity consists of segments. Adding a queryString to the url would lead to problems with multilingual for example, because the url would not be sonstructed properly. 

What we sugest for your case would be to use IIS rewriter.  Another powerful rewriter, used by many of our clients is the open source UrlRewriter. They will allow you to declare specific rules, that suit your old urls.

Jen Peleva
the Telerik team
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