Optimizing problems...

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Optimizing problems...

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Posted by Community Admin on 26-Apr-2013 00:00

I basically all but have my sitefinity site up and running. and initial load times are usually between 30-45 seconds...So I have been digging to optimize the page. I went through and got the IIS 7.5 application initializer and that helped some...now I am trying to remove some modules that I don't/won't use (news, blogs, forums, analytics, etc) but I don't have an option to remove the modules? Project Manager says I am on version 5.0.2860.0. Is there a setting I am missing to deactivate the modules as mentioned here www.sitefinity.com/.../activating-and-deactivating-modules

Posted by Community Admin on 30-Apr-2013 00:00

Hi Dustin,

In Sitefinity 5.0 this section is not available out of the box. However you could disable modules in the SystemCondif.config file, whcih could be found under App_Data -> Sitefinity -> Configuration. To disable the mode use startypType="Disabled". For instance:

<add startupType="Disabled" name="Blogs" />

To be able to use this section you should upgrade your project to one of the following versions:
Sitefinity 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3/ 5.4 / 6.0. More information about the upgrading process could be found in our documentation.

Stefani Tacheva
the Telerik team
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Posted by Community Admin on 01-May-2013 00:00

Dear Dustin

Telerik claims that 5.4 should bring some speed improvments. Usually its a good thing to update. So I would advice you to take the time and upgrad your project to 6.0 which has just been released.

One day you will have to upgrade and since it has to be done in stept you might as well do some now.

Of course never forget to optimize your site the old classic ways. 

http://yslow.org/  gives you a good idea

But his sure helps reduce load time (has for many years)
- Image -> Preper them in Photoshop an compress each individual to its best level in the right size.
  (if you save 10kb on 5 images you got 50kb squezed out -> and usually you are in much higher range)
- CSS - Combine and minmize. I have a folder styles in my themes where I have different stylesheets for div, styles, radcontrols and so on. At the end I create one minimized.css and copy all optimized coder in that file (Global) folder od them www.minifycss.com/.../
You save some more KB but important you have less runs to the server
- Favicon.ico have one. http://www.favicon.cc/ 
- and of course have Gzip enabled
- if you use your own radcontrols menu theme, make sure to optimize these files. I used to uses stylebuilder.telerik.com but hat often large css files. When I dont use any background image make sure you remove all the css for background positioning in menu.

If you link an URL I have a look at it and try to come up with some improvement ideas.


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