There is no configuration for data provider with the name of

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 17:34

There is no configuration for data provider with the name of "MYDOMAIN" for "Telerik.Sitefinity.Security.UserManager"

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Posted by Community Admin on 28-Jun-2013 00:00

We are getting the error attached, Please help! we are completely unable to log in to the back office.

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Jul-2013 00:00

Hello Lane,

I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've encountered with your Sitefinity project.

Can you please let us know if there have been any modifications to the project's security configuration or its web.config related to membership and role providers sections?

In general the received exception indicates that somewhere you have instantiated a UserManager with the
"MYDOMAIN" provider name, for example UserManager.GetManager("MYDOMAIN").

Please check for a code that would be executing on a global application level (e.g. Global.asax, Sitefinity module Initialize(), custom HttpModule, or handler), which might be causing this behavior.

Alternatively, if you have not implemented anything similar to the above, and you do not ahve ocurrences similar to the UserManager.GetManager("MYDOMAIN") example, then can you please elaborate if you have indeed registered a membership provider in your system named MYDOMAIN, and whether this is the default provider. If so, please verify you have registered the provider correclty, or alternatively comment it out, so you can login in to the site backend while we're discussing the possible problems with its registration here.

Boyan Barnev

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Posted by Community Admin on 27-Nov-2013 00:00

Hi Boyan Barnev,

In security configuration section, i tried to Configuring LDAP settings to make work of sitefinity back end with windows account by following below given url.

After that, I enabled windows authentication from iis level and in web.config i added below configuration  to read windows user info.  

 <authentication mode="Windows"/> 
<identity impersonate="true" /> 

After that sitefinity back-end stops working. Do i need to make any configuration changes to make it work?

Please reply to me ASAP.


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