Disabled modules are never upgraded in SystemConfig.config

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 15:56

Disabled modules are never upgraded in SystemConfig.config

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Posted by Community Admin on 12-Aug-2013 00:00

I have noticed a critical flaw in the upgrade process in SItefinity.

When one or more modules have been disabled within the Sitefinity Administrative Backend, these modules are never upgraded to the proper version number through the upgrade process.  Instead, because they are disabled, they are perpetually left in the configuration file with the older version number throughout all of the various upgrades one may perform.  This poses a continuous problem because these modules will then throw error messages or be out of sync whenever one attempts to re-activate them after an upgrade has completed.

Here is a sample of my SystemConfig.config file after an upgrade to v. 6.1.4300:

        <add startupType="Disabled" name="Multisite" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="5.1.3270.0" name="Scheduling" />
        <add version="6.1.4300.0" name="Search" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="5.1.3270.0" name="News" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="5.3.3900.0" name="Blogs" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="5.1.3270.0" name="Events" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="6.1.4300.0" name="Libraries" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="4.2.1650.0" name="Forms" />
        <add version="6.1.4300.0" name="Lists" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="4.2.1650.0" name="Analytics" />
        <add version="5.3.3900.0" errorMessage="Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation." name="Newsletters" />
        <add version="6.1.4300.0" name="GenericContent" />
        <add version="6.1.4300.0" name="ControlTemplates" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="5.1.3270.0" name="Migration" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="4.2.1650.0" name="Ecommerce" />
        <add version="6.1.4300.0" name="ModuleBuilder" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" name="ResponsiveDesign" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="5.1.3270.0" name="Publishing" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" version="5.1.3270.0" name="Forums" />
        <add version="6.1.4300.0" name="Thunder" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" name="Personalization" />
        <add version="6.1.4300.0" name="SitefinityDAM" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" name="MobileAppBuilder" />
        <add startupType="Disabled" name="SharepointConnector" />
        <add version="6.1.4300.0" name="EverliveConnector" />

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