6.1 link manager HTML view: was not found

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 09:57

6.1 link manager HTML view: was not found

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Posted by Community Admin on 16-Aug-2013 00:00

www.marktold.com/screencast/sf_link_not_found.swf shwos what I am talking about.

Link online works and looks fine. Just wondering why this code is produced.


<a href="Item with ID: '2b23c219-ffad-688c-ad43-ff00005a936a' was not found!" sfref="[f669d9a7-009d-4d83-ddaa-000000000002]2b23c219-ffad-688c-ad43-ff00005a936a">Impressum</a>

Posted by Community Admin on 21-Aug-2013 00:00

Hello Markus,

 It seems that for some reason the DynamicLinkParser wasn't able to return the url of the page you have chosen. This can happen if the key, which in your case is '[f669d9a7-009d-4d83-ddaa-000000000002
' is null (this is the id of the Pages node) or if the url of the chosen page could not be resolved. You can check in the database and make sure in sf_page_node that you have a record for both ids - 'f669d9a7-009d-4d83-ddaa-000000000002' and '2b23c219-ffad-688c-ad43-ff00005a936a'. The second one is the id of the chosen page. To be sure why exactly its url could ot be resolved, I need to attach the project to the source. But since you mentioned that the link functions properly, I suppose this wouldn't be needed. If you experience similar issues, please open a support ticket, where we'll be able to investigate this behavior further.

Jen Peleva
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