Call to FlatTaxon.svc throwing 404 Not Found

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 20:50

Call to FlatTaxon.svc throwing 404 Not Found

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Posted by Community Admin on 31-Oct-2013 00:00

The issue:
Call To FlatTaxon.svc sends back a 404 Not Found error when trying to pull up an asset in the form-library (~/Sitefinity/Content/Documents/LibraryDocuments/form-library/?provider=OpenAccessDataProvider). Observed via Chrome's Network Developer Tool.

I'm guessing the issue is that it's missing the taxon id after .svc

So some backlog:
There are two custom fields for the Documents section. One of them is a category field titled Categories (I didn't name the field) and it has worked previously long enough to add about 80 categories collectively to different documents. When I set the category field to hidden I do not receive an error when I pull up the document to edit it, however when it's not hidden and there is a category already associated with the asset, I get an empty alert window. When the page loads trying to enter data into the field gives you an alert window as well. Loading up a document that does not have a category allows you to you load the document but does not show an area to enter a new category to associate with the document.

I have the events module using a custom category field that is currently working. So I don't believe there is anything wrong with the categories themselves but rather the documents module isn't configured appropriately somehow.

Any ideas on what would cause the page to not send the taxonomy id along with the svc request? I've spent countless hours trying to figure out what could be causing the issue to no avail.


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