Page Group redirect works, URL rewrite doesn't

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 02:14

Page Group redirect works, URL rewrite doesn't

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Posted by Community Admin on 10-Dec-2013 00:00


I have a number of Pages within Page Groups.  When I click on a Page Group link in my navigation (non-dynamic, custom built), the browser correctly redirects to the first page in the Page Group.  However, the URL doesn't change to show that Page's URL. Instead, it continues to display the Page Group's URL.

As an example, if the Page Group's name is "cars" and the Page is "honda", when you click on Cars, it'd show you the Honda page, but with the Cars URL.  If you go directly to the Honda URL, the Honda page is correctly displayed there as well.

I'm worried about this because I don't want to be penalized for duplicate content issues in the search engines.

This must be a bug in SF 6.2 because I never experienced this problem in 5.x (up to 5.4) or 3.7.

Posted by Community Admin on 12-Dec-2013 00:00

Hello Scott,

You are correct, this is a bug we currently have in our system. The description of the bug is as follows:

1) In section Pages I create a group page with URL "group-page"

2) Under the page in step 1 I create a page with URL "page-1" and content "content 1"

3) In the navigation I click on the group page.

4) I am taken to a page with URL "group-page" and content "content 1"

Expected: In step 4 I should be taken to a page with URL  "page-1" and content "content 1", i.e. redirect should be made.

We are currently working on a fix for the issue. You can track the bug's progress as well as  vote for it in order to raise its priority in our PITS.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Ivan D. Dimitrov
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