Radwindow not working in IE8

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 17:53

Radwindow not working in IE8

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Posted by Community Admin on 24-Dec-2013 00:00

I am having this issue only in IE8. I have a Delete button, which checks for the number of items selected in a multiple checkbox control and then deletes it. In IE8, The Delete button just keeps looping.  Any idea what may be happening here?

<a href="#" runat="server" id="btnDeleteSummary" onclick="return BeforeDeleteValidations();" class="button mt">

function BeforeDeleteValidations()

    var grid = document.getElementById('GvVersionHist'); // grid1 is the id of the componentart grid

    var checkedItems = GetGridColumnIds(grid);

    if (checkedItems == "")
        return false;
    if (document.getElementById("hndCurrentTab") != undefined)
        if (confirm(GetTextMessage(30003)))
            document.getElementById("hndcheckedItems").value = checkedItems;
            return true;
        document.getElementById("hndcheckedItems").value = checkedItems;
        var sHeader = "";
        var stitle = encodeURIComponent(GetTextMessage(62020));
        var sMessage = encodeURIComponent(GetTextMessage(30003));
        var deleteText = GetTextMessage(62026);
        var sPage = "../reuse/ConfirmMessage.aspx?Header=" + sHeader + "&PageTitle=" + stitle + "&Message=" + sMessage + "&ButtonText=" + deleteText + "&CancelText=" + GetTextMessage(50004);
        OpenRadWindowView(sPage, 220, 620);
        return false;

Posted by Community Admin on 29-Dec-2013 00:00

Hello Jay Bee,

Thank you for contacting us.

Could I have some additional information regarding the issue - Could you tell me where in Sitefinity do you encounter the problem? Is it in a widget template you are modifying or somewhere else? Which is the template?

If its a custom control please share the implementation of the control if possible.

Simeon Simeonov

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