6.3 page not picking up theme from master page

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 08:15

6.3 page not picking up theme from master page

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Posted by Community Admin on 10-Jan-2014 00:00

I don't now how but I do get myself in trouble on about every project.

Here is a fresh 6.3 installation. Creating a Masterpage in SF and adding my CSS through a theme. 

Copied the master page from DE to EN. MasterPages shows theme applied. When I create an EN page based on the EN master which shows the css styles. they do not show on the page itself?

www.marktold.com/screencast/sf_master_theme_problem.swf  shows this a bit better.

Any wilde idea?


Posted by Community Admin on 10-Jan-2014 00:00

Created my own .master in DE added the EN master page.

Same thing english pages are not picking up the theme. Will open a ticket.


Posted by Community Admin on 13-Jan-2014 00:00

For all other out there who might run into the same problem (why does it seem I am always the only one) Teleriks feedback.

This is a known issue to us. This bug is logged with critical status and should be resolved as soon
as possible. Here is the PITS item:
The problem here is that SItefinity applies the Basic Theme, no matter what you
select from the dropdown. The easiest workaround of this issue is to go to the
database and manually set the theme your translated template is using (video). But when
you do this please proceed with cation, because altering the database could
compromise your project (create a backup of your project).


Sorry but this leaves Sitefinity unusable unless I want to mess around with the database (thanks for the warning)

So when do you expect to have this CRITICAL bug fixed. Sure hope we don't have to wait for 7.0



Vassil Vassilev

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